Legacy Legal Services

Legacy Legal Services is a legal practice based in Memphis, Tennessee. Our team of lawyers, paralegals, and staff members are dedicated to providing client centered legal services in estate planning, Medicaid planning and crisis management, probate and trust administration, special needs trusts creation, guardianships and conservatorships, and other related legal services. We handcraft solutions for each client based on that client’s specific and unique needs, goals, and resources.

At Legacy Legal Services by Crone & McEvoy, PLC we help people and their families protect their hard earned lifesavings and relationships. Our clients need to plan for the future and be prepared to respond to crises. Our processes and systems are designed to enable our clients to age with dignity and pass on a legacy to their family, friends, and loved ones in a manner they choose, when they choose, and to whom they choose.

We offer a wide range of services with our clients’ goals and needs in mind. Our focus is working with our clients and their families to protect their legacy in three important areas: Family, Finances, and Faith.

Family: When possible, advance planning can help protect and foster important family relationships. By the use of various legal tools such as trusts, powers of attorney for health care and financial matters, wills, and other devices, our clients can make sure that many decisions which can cause stress and division for even the closest family members are settled in advance.

Finances: Our clients do not want to go broke in a nursing home. They want to pass down to their descendants, friends, or charities, the financial fruits of their life’s work. Without careful planning many forces exist to erode these legacies. Our team can help reduce or avoid payments for taxes, medical expenses and legal costs. And, other expenses can be avoided to a large extent with advance planning.

Faith: Whatever our clients’ faith or interests may be, trusts, wills, and other instruments can make clear their desires for passing on resources to further their faith and love for their church, community, synagogue, mosque, or other charitable or civic interests. Additionally, various faiths have end-of-life and medical, ethical or moral guidelines, and our team works with our clients to incorporate those values in legal documents where appropriate.

Please contact us today to begin a process to create, design, and implement your personal legal legacy plan. You may call 901.737.7740 or email us at firm@thecmfirm.com. We look forward to speaking with you soon.